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3D Body Scanner Cost $1‚000!

Ridiculous! $1,000 Body Scanner 

See Why It’s Worth the Money

From the desk of...
Dr. Field Farrar
Founder of TestStackRx.com & Anorectant.com

If I asked you to pay $1‚000 for a machine that measures your body fat‚ you’ think I was crazy. After all‚ who wants to pay this much to measure their fat when‚ with a little practice‚ you can do the same thing with inexpensive calipers like these:


However‚ the 3D body scanner that I’m about to discuss not only gives you a body fat percentage figure‚ but it uses sensors to provide real–time information on your fat loss and muscle gain results.

For example, if you started dieting a week ago using two Anorectant No.10/day and wanted to know how you're doing‚ this machine is so sophisticated, it will give you exact results even though you just got started.

Let’s continue discussing this 3D body scanner along with if it’s worth the hefty $1k price tag.

Imbedded Mirror Sensors Create a 3D Look at Your Body Fat

As mentioned before‚ you can get your fat measurements with calipers‚ which cost less than $20. You can even use old-school methods like mirrors, progress pics, and the scale to measure your dieting/training progress.

But what this 3D body scanner does is give you a detailed and accurate measure of your body fat using the latest technology.

Imbedded Mirror

Farhad Farahbakhshian‚ CEO of the startup Naked Labs‚ explained how his product works.

“All you do is stand on the turntable‚ then the imbedded sensors within the mirror start scanning the body‚”says Farahbakhshian.

“Once the 20-second scan is complete‚ we then send that body model from the mirror to your phone via Wi–Fi‚ where you can then quickly see your body avatar‚ see all your measurements‚ volumetric body fat percentage‚ and track them all over time.”

Body Scanner Results

Again‚ Why Should Anybody Pay $1k for a Body Fat Measurement?

Samuel Burke‚ a CNN correspondent‚ was curious about why anybody would pay this outrageous price to see their body fat percentage. And Farahbakhshian explained that the value in his body scanner is its detailed and definitive stats.

“A lot of times when you look in the mirror‚ your mind does such an amazing job filtering what’s happening‚” he said. “And sometimes filtering the positives.”

“You can do a scan yesterday‚ or last week‚ or last month‚ and check exactly how your body changed in all three dimensions. We visualize these changes far different than you see any difference on a scale. And we can show you like the work you did in the gym or if the diet that you’re on is actually making a difference.”

According to early glimpses of the 3D body scanner‚ it gives you accurate stats on the percentage of muscle‚ fat‚ and weight that you’ve gained/lost over any period.

Here’s an example: you start at 205.0 lbs and 15.4% body fat. You do another scan 2 weeks later and see that you’re now at 202.6 pounds‚ you’ve lost 0.7% body fat‚ and you’ve gained 0.4% muscle.

Farahbakhshian says that his 3D body scanner is useful because‚ unlike a scale‚ it provides a much larger picture on your body shaping results.

“The only thing that people track today for results is their weight‚ and weight’s a one–dimensional number that doesn’t tell you the whole story‚”he explains.

It Would Be Nice If the 3D Body Scanner Were More Affordable

Despite what the price tag suggests‚ this body scanner is supposed to be for home-based use‚ rather just for professional athletes or big gyms. But at $1‚000‚ I see Naked Labs’ scanner as more of a luxury‚ rather than something that everybody should be using.

After all‚ the scanner doesn’t physically contribute to you losing body fat – it just gives you detailed measurements on your progress. You still need to put the work in at the gym and eat a healthy diet to get an incredible physique.

Nevertheless‚ Farahbakhshian insists that Naked Labs’ body scanner can be useful for more than just well-paid pro athletes.

“What we found is that this is solving a real problem that people are passionate about‚” he said. “This is made for the average user in their home to track exactly how their body’s changing.”

Body Scanner Results

I don't think too many “average” users will be investing $1k into this fat-measuring device. But if you’ve got the cash and are extremely serious about building a better physique‚ I can see the merits of this product.

Or you can pick a bodybuilding site, and post a shirtless pic of yourself each week and you’re certain to get a ton of instant feedback about how you’re doing. Crop your head out if you’re camera shy like me!

If you have any questions or concerns whatsoever about burning fat in general or about taking Anorectant.com in particular‚ please do not hesitate to call me personally at (888) 852-8091 or you can reach me by email at support@teststackrx.com.

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Best regards,

Dr. Field Farrar
TestStackRx.com & Anorectant.com

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