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Alcohol’s Effect on Testosterone

How Many Beers until Your Testosterone Nosedives

It’s well known that alcohol can lower your testosterone. But just how much does alcohol affect testosterone?
And when does your Test level recover? Find out everything you need to know about alcohol and testosterone below – including how strategic drinking can actually increase your testosterone level!

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Dr. Field Farrar
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You’ve probably heard that alcohol has a negative effect on your testosterone level‚ which is true. But how many beers and shots can you have before you experience a significant drop in testosterone?

Bodybuilder Drinking Beer

I’ve been asked this question many times. And the answer goes deeper than just saying that alcohol will lower your testosterone.

That's why I want to cover with you the exact degree to which alcohol affects your testosterone. Furthermore‚ I also want to discuss how consuming some alcohol can actually boost your testosterone level in some cases!

So let’s discuss how much your testosterone drops after a night of drinking‚ and the brief window when alcohol causes your Test to rise.

How Much Does Alcohol Lower Your Testosterone?

A simple Google search will tell you that alcohol does indeed lower testosterone. But I want to refer to some studies that validate this point and show how much alcohol can affect your testosterone level:

  • 2007 study in Alcohol and Alcoholism – Alcoholic men‚ aged 43 to 51 were asked to withdraw from alcohol for 6 weeks. After 6 weeks of sobriety‚ testosterone plasma concentration levels increased by 14.7 ng/dl‚ or 4.4%.
  • 2003 study in Alcohol‚ Clinical and Experimental Research – Rats were given doses of alcohol ranging from 0.75 to 1.50 g/kg. The higher alcohol doses decreased serum testosterone levels in the rats; however‚ lower doses only affected some of the animals.
  • 1984 study in The Journal Alcohol – 8 healthy males were given a large dose of ethanol alcohol (1.75 g/kg of body weight)‚ with blood–alcohol level reaching a maximum of 1.51 g/l. The men’s levels of testosterone‚ follicle–stimulating hormone (FSH)‚ luteinizing hormone (LH)‚ prolactin (PRL)‚ cortisol‚ and 17–hdroxyprogesterone were measured for 48 hours afterward. Serum testosterone levels reached their lowest point 12 hours after drinking‚ while the decrease lasted over 24 hours overall‚ despite LH and FSH increasing at this point. Cortisol and prolactin – both of which interfere with testosterone – increased throughout the first 24 hours.

Note that while these studies all involve alcohol‚ it’s not just the alcohol that decreases your testosterone. There are other ingredients at work here too‚ which we’ll cover later.

Here’s When Alcohol Can Increase Testosterone

As the research above indicates‚ large doses of alcohol aren’t good for your testosterone level. But it’s worth mentioning that drinking can actually increase your male hormones up to a certain point.

According to 2003 research appearing in Alcoholism Clinical & Experimental Research‚ small doses of alcohol boost your testosterone. The study administered 0.5 g/kg of alcohol to men‚ whose plasma testosterone increased from 13.5 nmol/liter to 16.0 nmol/liter‚ and testosterone–to–androstenedione ratio also rose from 2.8 to 4.2.

At 1–2 alcoholic drinks (based on body weight)‚ you can expect an increase in your testosterone level‚ before experiencing the adverse effects.

Furthermore‚ this 2004 study from the Southern Medical Journal points out that moderate alcohol consumption provides the following benefits: decreased risk of diabetes‚ lower myocardial infarction rates‚ reduced heart failure risk‚ and lower risk of osteoporosis.

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As we covered above‚ alcohol can have a serious effect on your testosterone level when you have more than 2–3 drinks in a night.

Bodybuilder Bartender

Within 12 hours‚ your testosterone will be at its lowest point. And it won’t begin fully recovering until 24 hours after your drinking has ended.

Of course‚ if you want a small boost in testosterone‚ you can have 1–2 drinks‚ depending upon your body weight.

So‚ lay off those drinks to keep your testosterone level high! And if you do consume alcohol‚ keep it at 2–3 drinks to avoid hurting your T level.

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