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Benefits of doing Kegel Exercise

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In addition to taking Test Stack No.17, did you know that there are techniques you can learn to strengthen your sex life and your enhance your sexual performance?

Exercises that are directly related to sex aren't so widespread and are rarely discussed on bodybuilding boards and other places. So here goes!

Kegel Exercises

What if you could constantly be harder, control your ejaculation with precise timing, last longer, and give it to your woman better?  Well then sir... you'd be a sexual stud!  Unfortunately, most people don't really look into improving their performance in these ways; hell, some people don't even know it's possible to better your sex life by just doing some exercises.

PC Muscles Kegal Diagram

Those who do know you can boost your sex life through specific exercises have probably heard of Kegels.  Kegel exercises are aimed at strengthening the pubococcygeus (PC) muscles which are the muscle group that controls semen flow, hardness of erections, and ejaculation speed.  Basically, performing Kegels will help you to vamp up your sex life by leaps and bounds.  Since Kegel exercises are so important, let's take a look at how to do them.

Finding PC Muscles

Before embarking on the exercises that will dramatically improve your sex life, you need to know what/where the muscles are you're going to be working.  The easy way to accomplish this is by stopping your pee flow next time you are in the bathroom.  The more eccentric way to find them is by is by putting your finger in your butt and contracting the right muscles which will then tighten your anus.  I'd definitely go with the first method myself, but whatever way you choose to find your PC muscles is totally up to you...

Exercise programs

Once you know where these magical PC muscles are then it's time to start working them out.  There isn't a whole lot of variation as far as exercise methods that you can do with PC muscles; you are basically squeezing and contracting them the whole time.  However, PC muscles are just like any other muscle group in the body in that they can adapt to the same exercise program over time.  That's why you should develop a couple of different PC workouts in addition to a number of different exercises.  The workouts are only limited by your own imagination.

A couple of things to keep in mind with your PC muscle exercises is that you won't be using any hands – it's all done with the PC muscles.  Another cool thing about Kegel exercises is that they can be done anywhere and at any time.  Now let's check out the exercises!

[Kegel Workout #1]

- Do 2 sets where you squeeze and release your PC muscles for 15 straight seconds.  Make sure to take a little break in between the sets too (do this in between all sets of Kegel exercises).

- Perform 2 sets where you squeeze your PC muscles for 30 seconds and hold it there without releasing.  Each 30 second hold is counted as a set and make sure to take a little bigger break in between this exercise.

- Do 8 sets where you clinch and release the muscles quickly for 5 seconds.  Take a shorter break in between each set since you're only working the muscles for 5 seconds.

[Kegel Workout #2]

- Do 3 sets where you squeeze and release your PC muscles for 10 seconds.

- Perform 5 sets where you slowly clinch and release the muscles 8 times as slowly as possible.

- Tighten you PC muscles and hold this for as long as you possibly can.  A good beginning goal is to go at least for a minute.

Kegel Exercise Considerations

These are just a couple of sample workouts so you can obviously make up more on your own.  But keep in mind that, just because these workouts are short, you don't want to overdo it in the beginning when making up your Kegel exercise sessions.  Remember, PC muscles are just like any other muscle group in that they need rest in between workouts – especially in the beginning. 

For the first week, don't do more than two Kegel workout sessions or you'll just be overtraining.  Once you get the hang of Kegels, then you can add more exercises, reps, extend sets, do more weekly workouts, etc.  As your PC muscles get stronger, you will begin to notice that you'll have harder erections and be able to control your ejaculation better.  Obviously these are some exercises worth doing!

Study Sexual Techniques

Besides the Kegel exercises, I'd also like to point out that you should be studying sexual techniques whenever possible too.  Whether you are checking out ways in which you can give your woman better oral sex or just looking for a way to really hit that g-spot, learning new tricks is definitely worth the time.

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