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Test Stack's 8–Week Body Recomposition Cycle

Ty made a short video explaining the results he got from the Test Stack Recomp cycle‚ which you can watch below:

I worked closely with Ty to create this 8-week recomp cycle using both Anorectant No.10 and Test Stack No.17‚ which helped Ty build muscle and burn down to 4% body fat in less than two months. And as an added benefit‚ Ty boosted his libido and increased his drive in the gym throughout this cycle.

Recomposition is the ability to burn fat while building muscle, which is the dream of any bodybuilder.

Recomping not only makes you look great‚ but also saves you months or even years’ worth of dieting and training. After all‚ most guys only focus on one goal at a time.

But with the Test Stack Recomp Cycle‚ your recomposition efforts will be accelerated beyond your wildest dreams‚ helping you to…

Achieve Lipolysis (Fat Burning)‚ because Anorectant No.10 contains Alpha–yohimbine‚ which specifically targets stubborn fat pockets that hang around forever.

 Flood Your Body with Muscle–Building Hormones‚ so that you pack on insane muscle during your recomp cycle.

 Suppress Your Appetite Cravings‚ because Anorectant’s L–Tyrosine‚ L–Carnitine L–Tartrate‚ Paullinia sorbilis‚ and Rauwolscine all have an appetite–suppressing effect.

 Boost Your Free Testosterone‚ because Test Stack contains Avenacosides A&B and 3‚4–Divanillytetrahydrofuran‚ which attach to SHBG and keep it from rendering your free testosterone inactive.

 Accelerate Your Metabolism‚ due to Anorectant’s L–Carnitine L–Tartrate‚ which increases your metabolism and helps you burn more calories.

 Skyrocket Your Libido‚ thanks to Test Stack’s Bulbine Natalensis and Fadogia Agrestis‚ which boost your testosterone by up to 347% and 200%‚ providing a huge surge in your libido.

 Increase Your Energy Level‚ because both Anorectant and Test Stack contain several ingredients that’ll boost your energy‚ allowing you to get more work accomplished in the gym and at your job.

To run the Test Stack Recomp cycle‚ you’re going to need four bottles of each product. This will last you the entire 8 weeks and than some‚ and help you dramatically transform your body into a leaner‚ more–muscular build.

If you had to buy each product individually‚ it would cost you $1‚536 for the entire amount needed for this cycle.

But, if you sign up for this free email series you'll not only learn how to effectively burn body fat while putting on muscle mass (Recomping). You'll also learn how to get the complete Cycle at a savings of over $1,000.

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