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Cryotherapy — The Most-Radical Fat Loss Method Yet

Cryotherapy Makes You Lose 40 Pounds in 30 Minutes!

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Dr. Field Farrar
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To many people‚ cryotherapy (putting your body through freezing temperatures), brings up the myth of Walt Disney being frozen or science–fiction movies.

In fact‚ a 1993 movie called Demolition Man saw Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes’ characters cryogenically frozen‚ only to be thawed out in the future.

But cryotherapy‚ or the use of low temperatures and nitrogen in medical therapy – is a very real thing‚ not just some far–off technology used in sci–fi movies. What’s more is that cryotherapy isn’t just useful in the medical world‚ but also for helping you lose weight and for healing your body.

Keep reading to find out why cryotherapy helps you burn fat cells along with some famous people who use this technology. Cryosaunar

What Is Cryotherapy‚ and How Does It Make You Lose Fat?

We all know that the best way to trim fat and look chiseled is by working out‚ eating right‚ and using supplementation.

The only problem with this approach is that it’s time–consuming and painstaking. What’s more is that if you’re not blessed with great genetics‚ you may never achieve your ideal physique.

This is where cryotherapy becomes interesting because it’s a radical way to drop pounds and get ripped.

Cryotherapy involves exposing you to extremely cold‚ dry air (below –100 °C – way below freezing) for 3 minutes per session. Most of these sessions are done in small chambers that look somewhat like a tanning booth (a.k.a. cryosauna).

While in the chamber‚ you’re hit with a combination of nitrogen and refrigerated air – all while wearing minimal clothing.

So how does this help you drop fat?

According to WB-Cryotherapy.com‚ this process increases your metabolic rate and improves your blood circulation. The result is that your muscles become more toned‚ and weight loss will be easier.

The site claims that their average customers lose between 6 and 20 pounds after 10 sessions. Considering how this is approximately 30 minutes total‚ that’s 12 to 40 pounds of weight loss per hour!

The only catch is that you’re not going to get much weight loss after your first 10–20 sessions because this is where results drop off.

Cryotherapy Also Heals Your Body – Just Ask Tony Robbins

Aside from helping you lose fat‚ another huge benefit of cryotherapy is healing your body. In fact‚ the practice is commonly used to treat patients with arthritis and multiple sclerosis.

Cryosaunas can also help you heal nagging injuries and make your life more productive.

Tim Ferriss‚ the author of the 4–Hour Workout‚ discussed this topic with famed self–help author Tony Robbins‚ who regularly uses cryotherapy.

In Episode 37 of The Tim Ferris Show‚ Robbins said that‚ after the inflammation and injuries that he accumulated through lots of marathons‚ nothing comes as close as cryotherapy to healing his body. It also provides plenty of mind benefits too.

“It takes all the inflammation out of your body‚ but it also sends emergency signals to your brain — it’s like resetting your neurological system‚”he explained. “Your brain's going 'you're gonna freeze to death‚’ it sounds horrific‚ it really isn’t.”

Robbins added‚ “Your nervous system gets a signal because everything in your body connects‚ it's an emergency‚ it's a reset of your nervous system. You get an explosion of endorphins in your body‚ which is really cool. So you get this natural high‚ you feel this physiological transformation‚ and you get reduction of inflammation.”

Aside from Robbins‚ pro athletes like LeBron James‚ Cristiano Ronaldo‚ Floyd Mayweather‚ and the entire L.A. Lakers are also using cryotherapy to heal their bodies and get maximum performance.

Lebron James Cryotherapy

The only catch? A single three-minute session costs $70 on average. Or‚ you could pay up to $60‚000 for your own cryosauna.

Cold Showers – A Cheaper Alternative to Cryotherapy

If you don’t feel like paying $200 to $300 per month for cryotherapy‚ you can get some of the same benefits with a very cold shower. Really.

According to MedicalDaily.com‚ cold showers increase your heart rate and release blood throughout the entire body‚ giving you a natural dose of daily energy.

Another benefit is weight loss because cold showers activate brown (good) fat‚ which generates heat to warm our bodies and help eliminate white (bad) fat.

Like cryotherapy‚ which doesn’t involve H2O‚ cold showers also alleviate muscle soreness and inflammation. This can be achieved through showers that are 50 to 59 degrees Fahrenheit (10-15 °C).

Cold showers may not be as scientific as cryotherapy because they’re solely based on cold water. But they’re also much cheaper and more convenient.

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