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AspireAssist – FDA Approved Food Tube‚ Causes Quick Fat Loss

From the desk of...
Dr. Field Farrar
Founder of TestStackRx.com & Anorectant.com

I’ve studied and written about many weight loss methods‚ from the mentally challenging ones like cryotherapy‚ to the highly expensive ones like a 3D body scanner‚ to covering FDA–approved weight loss drugs like; Contrave‚ Belviq‚ and Qsymia. All of which have nasty lingering side–effects. 

But after investigating this new method of losing weight which was recently approved by the FDA‚ I can honestly say that I’ve never seen anything like AspireAssist. AspireAssist is a unique tube that connects to your stomach and takes a portion of the food you eat and pumps it into the toilet.

Sound gross? Weird?

You wouldn’t be the first to think so. But you may change your mind when hearing the fat loss results that some people have gotten with this lab–tested device.

That said‚ let’s discuss how AspireAssist works‚ results from clinical studies‚ how these results compare to other weight–loss methods‚ who should use this device‚ and why people call AspireAssist “assisted bulimia.”

How Does AspireAssist Work?

AspireAssist acts as a reverse feeding tube‚ where‚ instead of pumping food into your body‚ it shuttles food out of you and sends it right into the toilet.

The AspireAssist Aspiration system looks like a kit that people with serious medical problems would use‚ although it’s designed for healthy people who have no trouble eating.

The 4–piece kit includes a connector tube‚ drain tube‚ companion‚ and reservoir. The reservoir is filled with water before use‚ and each part is connected to the companion.

Aspireassist kit

Anybody who uses this product must also have a small incision cut in their abdomen‚ which is capped with a poker chip–sized Skin–Port. The Skin Port is where you attach the connector tube so that AspireAssist can drain food from your body.

20 minutes after eating‚ you assemble AspireAssist and let the device empty 30 percent of the food in your stomach into the toilet. The reason why you wait 20 minutes is that this is enough time for your brain to experience fullness‚ but not long enough for your body to fully digest the food.

What Are the Results of AspireAssist?

Clinical trials have shown that AspireAssist is an extremely successful device that can cause fast weight loss.

Patients in the trials lost an average of 46 pounds during the first year of using AspireAssist. The second year only saw patients lose an average of 4 pounds‚ but that still makes for 50 pounds of weight loss in two years.

If you’re thinking‚ losing 50 pounds in 2 years is nothing. You’d be correct‚ many people have lost more than 50 lbs in as little as 2 months with strict dieting‚ a solid workout regimen‚ and with the assist of the combination of my extreme test–booster‚ Test Stack No.17 and thermogenic fat burner‚ Anorectant No.10.

Like Floridian attorney and loyal test stack customer‚ Greg Boan‚ who lost 50 pounds after completing Test Stack’s Recomp Cycle in just two months!

Recomp Testimonial

AspireAssist patient Mikael Cederhag‚ a 55–year–old Swedish man‚ says that AspireAssist was a miracle for him. After 30+ years of “jumping up and down in weight‚” he was able to drop from 264 pounds‚ to 200 by using AspireAssist for one year.

“Finally‚ this is a solution that allows me to get my weight down and stay that way‚” Cederhag told ABC News.

Who Should Use AspireAssist?

After approving AspireAssist for the US market‚ the FDA issued a warning that this device isn’t for everybody.

“The AspireAssist device should not be used on patients with eating disorders‚ and it’s not intended to be used for short durations in those who are moderately overweight‚” writes the FDA.

“It is intended to assist in weight loss in patients aged 22 and older who are obese‚ with a body mass index of 35 to 55‚ and who have failed to achieve and maintain weight loss through non–surgical weight–loss therapy.”

Body Mass Index Chart

Despite the warnings‚ AspireAssist can be a very effective weight–loss treatment for a large variety of people.

Dr. Shelby Sullivan‚ a Washington University (St. Louis) professor who helped with the clinical trials‚ believes that AspireAssist is a great tool for obese people.

“Patients eat less with this therapy then they did before‚” says Sullivan. “People think patients can eat whatever they want and then aspirate it and that’s just not true. It has to be liquid enough and the particles have to be small enough to get through the tube.”

How Does AspireAssist Compare to Other Weight Loss Methods?

While this reverse feeding tube is original in the fat–loss market‚ AspireAssist joins a crowded industry that includes everything from diet pills to surgeries.

So where does AspireAssist rank amidst all of this?

Few things can compare to a device that results in 46 pounds of weight loss in one year – even if the clinical patients were obese.

FDA approved diet drugs certainly can’t compare to these results‚ and many doctors are hesitant to prescribe them.

Gastric bypass‚ a popular weight loss surgery that essentially splits the stomach in two‚ is highly effective just like AspireAssist. But gastric bypass is also a risky procedure‚ and you must supplement heavily afterward because your smaller stomach won’t absorb as many nutrients.

Fat burners can be effective when you use a high–quality product. But the market is diluted with cheap fat burners that mainly rely on caffeine. Anorectant No.10‚ a thermogenic fat–burner‚ is a safe non–surgical new combination drug/nutraceutical with ingredients that are rare and difficult to work with‚ but when combined‚ it’s like throwing gasoline on your fat burning furnace.

As for AspireAssist‚ clinical research shows that it may be one of – if not THE – most–effective surgical weight loss treatments available.

But as the FDA’s William Maisel points out‚ using AspireAssist can be costly due to all the monitoring that you must undergo.

“Patients need to be regularly monitored by their health care provider and should follow a lifestyle program to help them develop healthier eating habits and reduce their calorie intake‚” says Maisel.

Why Is AspireAssist Called “Assisted Bulimia?”

One unflattering description of AspireAssist is that it feels like a form of bulimia‚ or the act of overeating during meals and forcing yourself to vomit afterward. Given that AspireAssist removes part of your meal to aid in calorie management‚ this billing isn’t far off.

But Dr. Sullivan disagrees with the assessment that this amounts to assisted bulimia.

“There is no such thing as medical bulimia or assisted bulimia‚” she says.

The debate is out on this‚ but if AspireAssist is glorified bulimia‚ then it’s at least a more–controlled version.

Potential Problems with AspireAssist

One dilemma is the thought of pumping food from your stomach into the toilet‚ which even Assist Bariatric CEO Katherine Crothall admits is “gross.”

Even if you can get by this thought‚ the device itself isn’t 100 percent perfect. As Britain’s The Independent points out‚ the pump doesn’t always successfully break down large pieces of food like broccoli‚ cauliflower‚ meat‚ and pretzels‚ which leads to the tube getting clogged.

Dr. Manny Alvarez from Fox News reports that there are “significant doubts about the safety of this product. Draining 30 percent of your stomach is a recipe for dehydration‚ irritation of the stomach lining‚ and depriving your organs of a third of vital electrolytes such as sodium‚ potassium‚ and calcium.”

Laura Beck at Jezebel worries that AspireAssist could lead to many of the same problems that bariatric surgery causes.

“I’m sure it won’t be long until tales of infectionsleakage lack of nutrient absorptiondepression and suicidesevere hypoglycemiaextreme thiamine deficiencyanemiaosteoporosis‚ and all sorts of other complications [surface] ‚” writes Beck.

Despite the fears‚ some people like 55–year–old‚ Mikael Cederhag are more than willing to put up with potential problems to use this device.

“If I have to continue to flush my stomach every day or every other day‚ then so be it‚” Cederhag says. ”I don’t want to be seated at the table with an empty plate. This way I can eat together with my friends and my family‚ I can drink my beer or wine if I want to. And then I can just let go of 30 percent.”

When Is AspireAssist Due Out?

AspireAssist is already available in the European market‚ but there’s no definitive timeline for when it will be released in the US. There’s also no word on how much the device/procedure will cost when available.

According to Bariatric Surgery Source‚ patients can expect to spend between $8‚000 and $13‚000 on the device and surgery. A surgeon must implant the device through a short endoscopic procedure‚ and the surgery cost varies depending on where you go.

As mentioned before‚ you also have to continue visiting a health professional for regular monitoring of yourself and the device. All of which can bring the cost close to $20‚000!

“Patients require frequent monitoring by a health care provider to shorten the tube as they lose weight and abdominal girth‚ so that the disk remains flush against their skin‚” notes the FDA.

“Frequent medical visits are also necessary to monitor device use and weight loss and to provide counseling on lifestyle therapies.”

In the meantime‚ if you’re looking for a fast way to burn fat that doesn’t involve pumping food from your stomach or paying over $10‚000‚ check out Anorectant No.10.

Anorectant is a legal‚ highly effective fat burner that uses a combination of 10 drugs and nutraceuticals to accelerate your metabolism‚ promote lipolysis (fat burning)‚ and target stubborn fat stores.

If you haven’t tried Anorectant No.10‚ checkout what customers have to say about it below.

If you have any questions about Anorectant No.10 or you’d like to chat more about AspireAssist‚ feel free to email me at support@teststackrx.com.

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Anorectant No.10 Reviews

Below you can read reviews from Anorectant customers. These customers have seen their bodyfat melt away‚ completely transforming their physiques – unleashing the leaner‚ toned‚ and defined body they’ve always wanted.

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“Anorectant is hands down one of the best fat burners I’ve ever used. I’m 500 cals under my maintenance and I’m dropping lbs each week. Best of yet‚ I have a lot of energy and don’t get mean cravings like I normally do when cutting. To get these results I usually have to be 1000 below maintence calories and feel sluggish. I am definitely going to be using Anorectant again! Another great job‚ time to stock up like I have done with Test Stack! I use it year round and can feel the difference when I am off it. Keep up the great work with these products! Thank you very much!”

5 StarMichael’s review [View on sotellus.com ]

“So‚ I was extremely skeptical when I tried Anorectant No. 10. I mean‚ I’ve tried many so called fat burners and they end up being a waste of money. Taking Anorectant for jus a little over 3 weeks I’ve lost 5lbs and can tell my pants are feeling looser. The really surprising thing is that I’ve kinda eaten like crap the past few weeks (I wasn’t planning on it‚ but ended up being out of town some weekends and then a bunch of late nights‚ my diet went way downhill). I started by just taking 1pill‚ because I wanted to how my body reacted to it. I never felt jittery or anything. I’m definitely going to get another bottle‚ I would recommend this product for sure!”

5 StarNatalie’s review [View on sotellus.com ]

“My experience with Test Stack Rx has been good so far. I’ve definitely noticed by body fat diminishing and it’s making me feel really good. I started taking it one capsule at a time. Unlike other thermogenics‚ it makes me feel like myself. It doesnt have anything that makes me feel jittery or buzzed. I noticed that I get full quickly when I eat but I do have an appetite. I still eat breakfast‚ lunch‚ and dinner but I stay satisfied for hours. My energy levels haven’t changed so I still have a cup of coffee in the morning but other than that I feel great. I like how it doesn’t affect my mood or makes me hyper. I’m definitely going to continue to use Test Stack because it works!”

5 StarTrey’s review [View on sotellus.com ]

“I thoroughly enjoyed using Anorectant 10 in my weight cutting endeavors. I lost 10 lbs and improved my body comp by 3% in one month! I immediately felt my mood improve and noticed an increase in energy that lasted the entire day! On top of that‚ I felt my workouts were more focused and dialed in! I highly recommend this product!”

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