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The Female Orgasm

From the desk of...
Dr. Field Farrar
Founder of TestStackRx.com & Anorectant.com

Orgasms are the culmination of intercourse. You feel like a stud when you cause your partner to have one and feel great when you have one too.

But have you ever stopped to think deeper about orgasms? Like how and why they happen‚ why women can have multiple orgasms‚ and how you can make girls cum faster than ever?

Today‚ I’m going to discuss everything you need to know about the female orgasm‚ from what it is to why some girls squirt like a water gun.

Throughout the week‚ I’ll also cover 2 ways that men can have multiple orgasms‚ how to make women climax over and over‚ and how to make her orgasm in record time.

And‚ if you read the article to the end‚ I’ll discuss how you can get free bottles of the best testosterone booster, Test Stack No.17, or my extremely effective fat burner, Anorectant No.10 – two powerful tools that will turn you into a lovemaking machine this Valentine’s Day.

What Is an Orgasm?

Based on the Greek word orgasmos‚ meaning “excitement and swelling‚” an orgasm involves rhythmic muscular contractions in the pelvic region that are caused by both sudden and accumulated sexual excitement.

Orgasms are controlled by the automatic nervous system‚ and they lead to euphoria‚ body movements‚ shouting‚ and/or muscle spasms in different body parts.

The period following orgasms is known as the refractory period. This is characterized by a relaxed‚ pleasant state caused by the release of endorphins‚ prolactin‚ and oxytocin.

Due to the refractory period‚ most men require an average of 30 minutes or more before they’re physically capable of having sex again – although we’ll discuss tomorrow how you can change this to achieve multiple orgasms.

Why do Orgasms Feel Good?

According to neuroscientist Adam Safron‚ who studied sexual stimulation‚ the main reason why orgasms feel so good is that the rhythmic stimulation alters our brain activity.

“Sex is a source of pleasurable sensations and emotional connection‚ but beyond that‚ it’s actually an altered state of consciousness‚” said Dr. Safron.

As Marie Claire magazine puts it‚ an orgasm focuses our neurons so much that we’re put into a pleasurable trance.

Going further‚ thousands of pleasure signals are sent from your central nervous system to the brain. Your brain also fills with a chemical known as dopamine‚ which plays a huge role in pleasure and reward feelings.

The Female Orgasm

Rhymes with Dolores

According to research‚ between 70% and 90% of women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm.

This can come from direct stimulation‚ such as a finger or oral contact‚ or it can come through indirect contact. An example of the latter would be when a man’s body indirectly touches a woman’s clitoris while penetrating her.

The reason why many women need clitoral stimulation is that this organ contains over 8‚000 sensory nerve endings – quite impressive for such a small area!

Vaginal Orgasm

Given how few women can orgasm from penetration alone‚ a common myth is that‚ aside from the G–spot‚ the vagina doesn’t respond to stimulation.

This is untrue‚ though‚ because of the urethral sponge – found along the roof of the vagina – responds well to sexual pleasure‚ as does the area near the entrance of the vagina (a.k.a. lower third area).

Of course‚ women respond best to stimulation of the G–spot‚ an area that’s found 2–3 inches inside the vagina on the front wall.

It’s hard to touch the G–spot through regular sex‚ especially in the missionary position. This is why it’s easier for you to use two fingers to stimulate the area. If you have trouble finding your woman’s G–spot‚ note that it feels rougher than the rest of the vagina and is about the size of a dime. You can refer to the diagram to the right for more information on locating the G–spot.

Unfortunately‚ some women still can’t orgasm through G–spot stimulation simply because of how they developed while in the womb. The reason why‚ according to Dr. Maureen Whelihan‚ a gynecology expert with the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists‚ is because their clitoris drifted too far up during development.

“It’s not her fault. She was born that way‚” Whelihan said.

Research has shown that having a clitoris located around 1 inch from the urinary opening is a good indication of whether or not a woman can orgasm during genital–to–genital sex.

Other factors that come into play include the level of desire‚ penis size‚ and how skilled you are.

Vaginal vs. Clitoral Orgasm

Researchers still debate the existence of the G–spot. But according to Women’s Health‚ 30% of women say they can orgasm through stimulating this area alone.

So what does it feel like?

According to the Journal of Sexual Medicine‚ the pleasure lasts longer‚ especially as the sex goes longer. If a man can go at least 15 minutes‚ then the woman is set for new sensations when she orgasms.

As for a clitoral orgasm‚ Sari Cooper‚ a certified sex therapist and writer for Psychology Today‚ explains that it can also last and be pleasurable – but only if the partner touches other parts of the vagina before heading for the clitoris.

But rather than partitioning the two types of orgasms‚ as if they can only be done separately‚ sex therapist Cynthia Ruberg suggests that you try for a “blended orgasm.”

“You’re getting the best of both worlds‚” said Ruberg. “A blended orgasm is easier if the woman becomes very aroused before she has intercourse.”

The best way to do this is with your lady on top‚ riding you‚ while touching herself. Women’s Health also points out another good way to do this: “Have [the] guy inch his body up so your hips are aligned‚ and tilt [the woman’s] pelvis upward so that the base of the man’s penis is on the clitoris‚ but the rest of him is inside.”

Squirting Orgasms

Many guys like to see squirting orgasms in porn‚ but they can’t pull it off in their own sex lives. So is this some superpower that only porn stars possess?

Described as the “big sexual fad over the last twenty years” by SexMD‚ squirting isn’t exclusive to adult film stars. In fact‚ you might even want to refrain from making your partner squirt when you find out the reality...

It’s basically urine!

When significant pressure is applied to the G–spot area‚ that over ties erectile tissue and glands of the urethra‚ it becomes harder for a woman to hold urine in her bladder. As SexMD points out‚ squirting doesn’t release ejaculate‚ but rather pee.

One reason why people don’t immediately identify squirting fluid as urine is because it can get mixed with both female and male (pre)ejaculate.

Nipple/Breast Stimulation

According to research by Dr. Herbert Otto‚ around 30% of women have experienced an orgasm from having their nipples and breasts stimulated.

Further research suggests that the reason why this is possible is that touching a woman’s nipples produces the hormone oxytocin‚ which is present during sexual arousal.

Men’s Health suggests that the best way to give a woman a nipple orgasm is by stimulating them in soft‚ full circles. Later‚ you apply more intense stimulation by licking and nibbling her nipples.

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