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11 Foods that Decrease Testosterone and Increase Estrogen

From the desk of...
Dr. Field Farrar
Founder of TestStackRx.com & Anorectant.com

Its well known that your testosterone level declines as you age. Most men experience over a 1% decrease in testosterone every year after age 40.

But did you know the foods you’re eating can also contribute to your decline in testosterone?

Yes‚ simply cutting out certain foods can be the key to increasing your testosterone levels.

As the holiday season rolls in‚ our diets seem to roll out. Especially during Thanksgiving!

I mean who can resist the 3–layered chocolate lava cake Aunt Betty makes every Thanksgiving.

Foods that Decrease Test

And who wants to give up great holiday cocktails like pumpkin spiced martini’s‚ or Uncle Lou’s famous eggnog.

No‚ one! And you shouldn’t have too.

Unfortunately‚ there are certain foods that you should stay away from this holiday season so that the muscle gains you worked so hard to get all year don’t disappear.

Here’s the 11 foods that lower testosterone and hamper your libido‚ muscle gains‚ and fat burning efforts.

1. Chocolate

Due to its association with almost every holiday in general‚ chocolate is thought as an essential ingredient for a variety of dishes. Chocolate is also thought by some to be a strong aphrodisiac. This is true to some degree because it contains phenethylamine‚ a hormone that increases when you’re “in love”. But raiding the candy box will actually decreases your chances of keeping the explosive muscle gains you’ve worked so hard to get.

The reason why is because chocolate is high in aromatase‚ an enzyme that converts to estrogen (female hormone). Not only will the excessive estrogen make it harder for you to get erections‚ but too much chocolate will also make you gain weight‚ which is another libido killer.

2. Vegetable Oil

Vegetable oils may not seem harmful since they’re extracted from plants‚ but the process that they go through eventually makes them rough on your testosterone. These polyunsaturated fatty–acid (PUFA) oils are processed‚ which can involve bleaching and deodorizing‚ while taking away from their nutritional value and leaving behind sulfates.

According to a study found in the Journal of Applied Physiology‚ PUFAs decrease your natural testosterone level. So‚ you’ll want to avoid high–PUFA oils like canola‚ corn‚ soybean‚ and vegetable oil and instead choose low–PUFA oils like butter‚ coconut‚ and olive oil.

3. Flaxseed

Flaxseed has become far more popular over the last few years due to the omega–3 fatty acids it offers. And while this is great‚ flaxseed also comes with a large amount of lignans‚ or chemical compounds found in plants.

Lignans can wreak havoc on your testosterone for a few different reasons. These include: lignans reducing free testosterone‚ being estrogenic‚ and minimizing the 5–a reductase enzyme‚ which converts testosterone into the stronger dihydrotestosterone (DHT). A 2001 study published in The Journal of Urology shows that the negative effects of flaxseed cause a 15% drop in total testosterone.

4. Cheese

Cheese is one of the first things that many guys grab when they’re ravenous and looking for a quick snack. And this doesn’t seem like the worst choice in the fridge since cheese is high in calcium and vitamin B12.

However‚ cheese is also one of the foods that lower testosterone levels due to how much processing it undergoes. The chemicals and synthetic hormones added to many types of cheese will throw your testosterone and estrogen production out of whack. So think twice when reaching for the block of cheese while on your low/no carb diet.

5. Mint and Peppermint

These breath fresheners can be lifesavers for guys on dates. Unfortunately‚ mints and peppermints aren’t so helpful when your dates go extremely well and you find yourself in the bedroom.

According to a 2008 study from Food and Chemical Toxicology‚ spearmint lowered androgens and testosterone in male rats. Another study revealed that spearmint tea reduced women’s free testosterone by 30%. No significant research has been done on human males‚ but this is a good enough sample size to show that mint is one of the testosterone decreasing foods.

6. Alcohol

Foods that Decrease Test

Despite being nicknamed liquid courage‚ alcohol has a negative effect on your testosterone and makes you less manly. Numerous studies indicate that alcohol lowers your testosterone‚ including one in a 1984 edition of Alcohol. This research showed that serum testosterone decreased for the next 24 hours after subjects had a significant amount to drink.

The good news‚ though‚ is that your male hormones won’t drop too much when beer or wine are consumed in moderation. In fact‚ research from the Department of Mental Health and Alcohol Research shows that a small amount of alcohol can even boost your testosterone.

So remember not to overdue it with Uncle Lou’s eggnog.

7. Coffee

The idea that coffee is one of the foods that lower testosterone may be somewhat confusing. On one hand‚ numerous studies have shown that caffeine is an excellent pre–workout supplement that increases testosterone.

Foods that Decrease Test

But the downside comes in when you rely on coffee to keep you awake on a daily basis. Research from the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism reveals that large doses of caffeine can raise cortisol (“stress hormone”) by 52%. Considering that cortisol reduces your blood testosterone levels‚ you’ll want to keep the coffee in moderation.

Or look for other sources of caffeine like; green–tea or my extreme preworkout and fat burning drug/nutraceutical‚ Anorectant No.10.

Anorectant No.10‚ is a legal‚ highly effective‚ thermogenic fat burner that uses a combination of 10 drugs and nutraceuticals to accelerate your metabolism‚ suppresses your appetite (helping you eat less this holiday season)‚ elevate your temperature promoting lipolysis (fat burning)‚ and target stubborn fat stores.

8. Popcorn

Although it may be synonymous with watching movies‚ popcorn isn’t good on your testosterone level. The reason why is because the bag’s lining contains chemicals like perfluorooctanoic acid‚ which cause your testosterone to drop.

According to Environmental Health Perspective‚ perfluorooctanoic acid leads to both an increase in estrogen and a decrease in testosterone. Given that this acid is also found in drinking water and Teflon‚ it’s no wonder why men are experiencing a generational testosterone decline.

9. Soda

Foods that Decrease Test

Considering that soda is also a popular beverage during films‚ you may have really low testosterone if you’re a movie buff. The problem with soda is twofold: 1) it contains a lot of empty calories‚ and 2) it has artificial sweeteners that mess with your hormones.

As you may know‚ weight gain is one of the easiest ways to crush your testosterone level. And with a single can of soda offering 160 calories‚ soft drinks can really sneak up on you.

10. Licorice

You may be relieved to see licorice as one of the foods that decrease testosterone. After all‚ it’s not like the average guy downs packs of Twizzlers on a daily basis. But the bad news is that licorice is used in plenty of other products like gum‚ tea‚ and tobacco.

Licorice contains glycyrrhizic acid‚ which has been proven to lower testosterone when used regularly. The unfortunate thing is that glycyrrhizic acid is also what gives licorice its sweet taste‚ meaning you have to take the good with the bad.

11. Soy Milk

Many people like soy milk because it’s a delicious alternative to regular milk and its bland taste. It’s also a great alternative for people who are lactose intolerant‚ when the body cannot digest lactose. The only problem is that soy is another food that lowers testosterone levels and increases estrogen.

A 2005 study from the Journal of Nutrition shows that soy lowers serum testosterone production.

Remember that if you feel like your testosterone level is low‚ then check out your diet before rushing to the supplement store. It just might be that you’re eating too many foods that are reducing your testosterone‚ along with decreasing your libido‚ muscle gains‚ and overall motivation.

Now I know all this talk about what foods to avoid in order keep testosterone high can be depressing‚ but‚ if you stay tuned and I will give you a list of foods that taste great‚ plus will maintain and increase your testosterone levels.

If you have any questions or concerns whatsoever about your testosterone levels in general or about taking Test Stack 17 in particular‚ please do not hesitate to call me personally at (888) 852–8091 or you can reach me by email at support@teststackrx.com.

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