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This Guy Lost Over 50lbs in 2 Months with Test Stack’s Recomp Cycle!

From the desk of...
Dr. Field Farrar
Founder of TestStackRx.com & Anorectant.com

Lawyer and loyal Test Stack customer‚ Greg Boan‚ completed my 8–week recomp cycle and lost over 50 pounds in just 2 months!

Weighing in at 240lbs‚ Greg knew he needed to change his lifestyle and body weight if he wanted to live longer‚ happier and healthier.

Greg began using Anorectant No.10 earlier this summer and loved his results. His incredible fat–loss transformation is one of many that Test Stack Rx customers have experienced.

With his hard work‚ dedication‚ and help from Anorectant No.10‚ Greg lost 30lbs of fat in a little over a month. Loving his newfound physique‚ Greg wanted to build more muscle and make his body even more defined.

After reaching out to me about a regimen that would help him achieve more muscle mass while continuing to melt body fat‚ I put him on my 8–week Recomp Cycle.

While continuing to take Anorectant No.10 to burn his fat‚ Greg stacked the extreme test booster‚ Test Stack No.17‚ to build muscle‚ increase his drive‚ and recover faster from rigorous workouts. Stacking the two supplements Greg was able to successfully achieve a state of recomposition.

Recomposition is when you burn fat and build muscle simultaneously. Most people find it hard to achieve this without having superior genetics or turning to anabolic steroids.

But thanks to his strong work ethic‚ solid diet plan‚ and use of Test Stack No.17 and Anorectant No.10‚ Greg didn’t need amazing genetics or steroids to get dramatic fat–loss results.

If you put in the hard work at the gym and control your dieting‚ and complete Test Stack's 8-week Recomp Cycle you to can see results.

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Test Stack Recomp Cycle

Here are the 3 simple steps that you need to take to get the deal:

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If you have any questions or concerns whatsoever about your testosterone levels in general or about starting your own recomp cycle‚ in particular‚ never hesitate to call me personally at (888) 852–8091 or you can reach me by email at support@teststackrx.com.

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