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How to Boost Your Sex Drive

You Gain Weight‚ Your Sex Drive Nosedives – Here’s Why

From the desk of...
Dr. Field Farrar
Founder of TestStackRx.com & Anorectant.com

One of the worst side effects of weight gain is it devastates your libido.
Learn why this happens‚ and what exactly you can do to restore your sex drive to the highest level it’s ever been.

When you picture the ideal stud‚ who beds any woman he wants‚ the chances are that you don’t envision some guy who’s 40 pounds overweight.

The obvious reason why is that fat guys are generally less attractive to women. Another reason why is because overweight men have a lower libido and aren’t as good in the bedroom.

But why do overweight guys lack sexual desire? And what can you do about the problem – outside of the obvious like eating right and exercising?

Find out as we discuss the scientific reason why high body fat crushes your ability and desire to have sex. We’ll also cover how women suffer from the same problem.

Here’s Why Fat Gain Causes Multiple Problems for Your Libido

A study by Duke University’s Diet and Fitness Center revealed that 30% of overweight people have difficulty with libido and sexual performance. So‚ this isn’t just a problem that’s in people’s head – it’s a physical problem.

But what causes it?

Let’s start with the male hormone‚ testosterone. Researchers haven’t figured out the exact mechanism behind why testosterone boosts your sex drive‚ but it does. So‚ the higher your testosterone level is‚ the stronger your libido will be.

But when you gain visceral adipose tissue‚ or fatty deposits located around internal organs‚ it hampers your testosterone production.

Another problem with gaining adipose tissue (body fat) is that your hormone levels can be altered. Ideally‚ you want your testosterone high and your estrogen low so that you have a strong sex drive‚ easily build more muscle mass‚ and be an alpha male stud‚ LOL.

But adipose tissue carries the aromatase enzyme‚ which converts into estrogen. And when this continues to happen‚ you stand a greater chance of gaining lots of body fat and having low testosterone.

One more dilemma with gaining weight is that you can develop type 2 diabetes and/or high cholesterol – both of which wreak havoc on your love life. Specifically‚ these problems clog the tiny arteries in your penis‚ making it difficult to get and maintain an erection.

Yet another downside of high body fat is that your levels of sex–hormone–binding globulin (SHBG) increase. SHBG binds to free testosterone and renders it inactive‚ giving you less overall testosterone to stimulate desire.

Not Just a Problem For Men

Due to all of the ED medications available‚ low libido is often perceived to be just a male problem. But women can also suffer from low libido when they accumulate body fat.

Susan Kellog‚ PhD‚ director of sexual medicine at Philadelphia’s Pelvic and Sexual Health Institute‚ told WebMD that weight can affect a woman’s vagina the same way that it does a man’s penis.

“We’re beginning to see that the width of the blood vessels leading to the clitoris [the area of the vagina most closely related to sexual stimulation] in women are affected by the same kind of blockages that impact blood flow to the penis‚” said Kellog.

She added that when these blood vessels are blocked‚ it isn’t long before a woman’s libido drops as well.

Increased Body Fat Leads to a Vicious Libido–Destroying Cycle

We’ve established that your libido will likely drop when you gain body fat. We’ve also covered how adipose tissue (body fat) can have a negative effect on your testosterone level when it increases. And the bad thing is that these two separate effects are interconnected when it comes to your libido.

Men who steadily gain fat become trapped in a cycle. Your body fat leads to low testosterone and poor libido‚ and when you try to fix the problem by burning fat‚ you feel lethargic due to your low T level.

As for which problem comes first‚ scientists suggest that obesity is normally the first to arrive‚ which leads to low testosterone. Compounding the problem is that body fat accumulation breaks down testosterone and leads to higher estrogen production.

The end result is that you create a cycle where it’s harder to burn fat‚ twice as difficult to raise your testosterone‚ and almost impossible to have a healthy sex life.

If you want to raise your testosterone level and at the same time increase your energy‚ sex drive and muscle gain use Test Stack No.17 the alpha male testosterone accelerator.

Dave ShutlerClick here or the play button to find out what former Secret Service agent to the Vice President turned men’s physique competitor‚ nationally published fitness model‚ ISSA Certified Trainer and nutritionist Dave Shutler‚ has to say about increasing your testosterone to build the hard muscular physique every guy wants.

Other Problems from Low Testosterone & High Body Fat

As if having an unattractive body and lower libido aren’t enough‚ increased body fat and low testosterone can lead to a number of other problems.

Some of these problems include: decreased bone density‚ lethargy‚ loss of muscle mass and strength‚ lower sperm production‚ poor sleep quality‚ and declining red blood cell production.

We mentioned lethargy earlier‚ and this is a big problem in life – whether you’re trying to lose weight or have sex. It also keeps you on the couch and depressed because you have a lower sense of well–being.

Can’t You Just Take Pills for Low Libido?

When most men have a problem in the bedroom‚ the first thing that pops into their mind is an erectile medications. Women also have a female version of these drugs called Flibanserin‚ which boosts their desire to have intercourse.

These drugs are advertised heavily and made out to be the magical cure for satisfying your partner. And given that 52% of men aged 40 to 70 suffer from an ED problem‚ this market is booming with over $5 billion in annual sales.

With so many sales‚ you’d expect these pills to be the white knight that everybody makes them out to be... but they’re not.

50% of men never refill their prescription after the first time due to the side effects and/or costs. What’s more is that ED drugs only work properly in 40% of patients.

That said‚ buying expensive drugs in hopes that they’ll cure all – even when you have a weight problem – isn’t always the answer to libido issues.

Test Stack No.17 the alpha male testosterone booster‚ is a natural and safe way to increase your sex–drive and help with ED.

How Can You Increase Your Sexual Performance and Desire?

The most–obvious step to increase your libido after weight gain is to burn fat. We’ve already covered that this is easier said than done when you’re feeling lethargic‚ depressed‚ and have poor sleep quality. But the good news is that you don’t have to lose much weight before you begin seeing a significant improvement in your love life.

If you want to get in the best shape of your life and melt away all fat you accumulated over the years‚ try Anorectant No.10 the newest most effective thermogenic fat burner on the market. Anorectant No.10 will curb your appetite‚ increase your energy all the while having your body melt away the unsightly fat that’s keeping you from having the best sex of your life.

According to a 2011 Australian study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine‚ men who lost 5% to 10% of their body weight over a two–month span improved their libido and ED problem.

Research from the Journal of the American Medical Association showed that one–third of obese men who began exercising quickly saw their ED improve.

Aside from exercising and losing weight‚ you also want to make a conscious effort to improve your diet. If you’re eating too much meat and starchy carbs‚ your cholesterol and blood sugar could be high. Adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet can get your cholesterol and blood sugar levels in check‚ which alone can boost your libido even if you don’t lose weight.

Another thing: don’t cut your calories or fat intake too low when dieting. Low calories make your body secrete more cortisol (a.k.a. the “stress hormone”)‚ which hurts your testosterone level. This problem is only compounded when you don’t eat enough fat because fats facilitate testosterone production.

Don’t forget that your training has an impact on your testosterone too. Rather than going on slow jogs and walks‚ try increasing the intensity to give your testosterone and growth hormone a boost.

Increasing the intensity is relative to you‚ and if you’re out of shape‚ running wind sprints for half an hour‚ or doing 30 sets in the weight room isn’t going to work. But the key is to increase your intensity over time because short–burst exercises help burn calories and do more for your testosterone than longer cardio.

If you’re looking for a big shortcut towards boosting your testosterone and gaining the necessary energy to lose weight and improve your libido‚ you can supplement with a testosterone booster.

You can check out Test Stack No.17‚ which contains a unique blend of compounds designed to accelerate your natural testosterone level to its peak. If you click the link‚ you’ll even read about one South African plant extract that boosts your testosterone by up to 347%!

If you have any questions about burning fat‚ raising your libido‚ or just want to talk with me about your fat–burning muscle–building progress‚ feel free to email me at support@teststackrx.com. Or click here to learn more about Test Stack Rx products.

Stay Strong and Carry On‚

Here’s how Test Stack customers raised testosterone‚ muscle‚ and sex–drive...

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“I’ve been using test stack for close to two years now And it’s a regular part of my daily routine‚ all great results with zero side effects‚ better energy‚ strength‚ And Stamina in and out of the bedroom. Adam on the support team is one of the most customer service oriented individuals I’ve ever encountered and honestly is what keeps my business. He’s always super responsive to any problems I have with orders and very quick to set things right. It’s not often I can give 5 stars to both the product and the team standing behind it. You have a customer for life!”

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