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Low Testosterone Sends Men with COVID-19 to the ICU & Increases Mortality - A Testosterone Booster Helps

A new study published a few weeks ago by the National Institutes of Health titled, Role of testosterone in COVID-19 patients, explains how men with Low-T have more severe COVID-19 owing to their low levels of testosterone. The research suggests that using a testosterone booster like the #1 rated Test Stack No.17 to increase natural testosterone production with or without supplemental testosterone replacement therapy improves outcomes before, during, and after COVID. (Use this link to try 3-bottles of Test Stack No.17 for free.)

COVID-19 affects males twice as frequently as females with significantly increased severity and mortality.

Men having Low-T before getting COVID are much more likely to have severe outcomes than those that do not. (1) I've written often about how testosterone levels in men are lower than they have ever been. This potentially explains why COVID outcomes are much worse for men than for women. The benefits of having a high testosterone level were already clear. With a high testosterone level, you experience gains in strength and lean muscle mass, fat burning revealing lean muscle definition, increased sex drive, improved erectile strength, and increased energy. We can now add improved COVID outcomes to the list of benefits from having a high level of testosterone.

A study of patients hospitalized due to COVID-19 suggests that the disease deteriorates men's testosterone levels. The study found that as men's testosterone level at baseline decreases, their probability of being in the intensive care unit (ICU) significantly increases.

The author of the study, Selahittin Cayan, a Professor of Urology, wrote, "Testosterone is associated with the immune system of respiratory organs, and low levels of testosterone might increase the risk of respiratory infections. Low testosterone is also associated with infection-related hospitalization and all-cause mortality in male in ICU patients, so testosterone treatment may also have benefits beyond improving outcomes for COVID-19," Professor Cayan explains.

As Your Total Testosterone Level Decreased, the Severity of Your COVID-19 Infection Increased

"In our study, the total testosterone level was significantly lower in the ICU group than in the asymptomatic group. In addition, the mean total testosterone level was significantly lower in the ICU group than in the Intermediate Care Unit group", concludes Professor Cayan. He writes, "We found, Hypogonadism -- a condition in which the body doesn't produce enough testosterone -in 113 (51.1%) of the male patients." (2)

Professor Cayan. He writes, "The patients who died had significantly lower mean total testosterone than the patients who were alive."

COVID-19 Lowers Testosterone in Mild Cases & Asymptomatic Men

"However, even 65.2% of the 46 male patients who were asymptomatic had a loss of loss of libido." Professor Cayan concluded that COVID-19 suppresses testosterone even in the mildest cases and that the suppression may last after the virus has cleared from your system.

Two Athletes Unrecognizable after COVID-19

NBC News reports Mike Schultz said he felt "like a skeleton" from fighting COVID-19 in the hospital. Decreased testosterone seems a likely culprit of the severe muscle wasting.

In this CNN article, He was an athlete in the best shape of his life. Then Covid-19 nearly killed him. CNN profiles how Ahmad Ayyad looked like a completely different person after COVID and the associated testosterone suppression.

Male COVID-19 patients die at twice the rate of female patients.

In summary, COVID-19 affects males twice as frequently as females with significantly increased severity and mortality. Current data suggest a direct correlation between lower testosterone, disease severity, and devastating clinical outcomes among male patients with COVID-19. Male COVID-19 patients are at increased risk for ICU admission and worse results compared to females. Man with mild cases of COVID-19 and even in men who have the virus but no symptoms still experienced lowered testosterone. The reduction of your testosterone level often remains even after the virus has cleared your body.



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