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The Ultimate Male Birth Control

Vasalgel: Ultimate Male Birth Control – Works for Years!

The FDA has approved a brand-new male birth control method called Vasalgel.
This polymer will block sperm for years, meaning you don't have to use condoms & your woman doesn't have to use birth control!

From the desk of...
Dr. Field Farrar
Founder of TestStackRx.com & Anorectant.com

High testosterone is crucial if you want high libido. In turn, your woman will be amazed at your bedroom performance, and it'll be easier for you to make babies.

But what if you want all the intercourse benefits without producing children?

For ages, man's answer been condoms. But condoms come with some serious downsides:

  1. They can break or slip.
  2. Some guys are allergic to latex or spermicides.
  3. You have to use a new condom every time.
  4. It takes away some of the pleasure.

If you've had these problems, then you'll be excited to know that new-and-effective male birth control is on the horizon: Vasalgel

This is the first male contraceptive to receive FDA approval since the condom. And what's exciting is that Vasalgel has the potential to be far more effective and convenient than condoms.

Let's continue discussing this potential wonder contraceptive by covering the following points:

  • How Vasalgel works.
  • Why it's far better than the competition.
  • Why women will love you for getting Vasalgel.
  • If condoms become obsolete.
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How does Vasalgel Work?

With just one injection, Vasalgel can block your sperm and allow you to have all the intercourse you want without worrying about impregnating your partner.

Developed by the Parsemus Foundation, this drug is being labeled as a "male birth control pill" by the media. But Vasalgel is a polymer that's injected into your sperm-carrying tubes (vas deferens), which are accessible through the scrotum.

In other words, you don't have to worry about receiving a scary injection in your penis or testicles.

Vasalgel works by blocking your sperm when you have an orgasm. But this polymer still allows non-sperm fluid from semen to pass so that there's no pain from back pressure.

Another encouraging thing about Vasalgel is that it's reversible. All the doctor needs to do is make a second injection that dissolves the polymer, thus returning your reproductive capabilities.

Why is Vasalgel Better than the Alternatives?

Having received FDA approval, Vasalgel is expected to hit the market between 2018 and 2020. And while this is exciting news for anybody interested in male contraceptives, it's far from the only option.

How does Vasalgel differ from the competition?

Let's look at a few of the current male birth-control methods that are available:

  1. Vasectomy A vasectomy can either be performed by cutting your sperm-carrying tubes or blocking them. When your vas deferens are cut or blocked, sperm stays out of your semen. The problem, though, is that vasectomies are meant to be permanent and can also lead to infection (incision method).
  2. Gendarussa This method is supposed to prevent sperm's ability to fertilize an egg. But while this sounds promising, Gendarussa hasn't been proven, and it's only in phase II human trials.
  3. Anti-Eppin This pill works by hampering sperms' swimming ability, thus preventing it from reaching an egg. Unfortunately, this is only hypothetical and has yet to be proven.
  4. Clean Sheets Pill Currently being developed in London, the "Clean Sheets Pill" would allow you to have an orgasm without ejaculating. The problem, though, is that the Clean Sheets Pill hasn't even gotten a clinical trial.

As you can see, Vasalgel has two distinct advantages over the competition right now:

  1. It's a simple procedure that can easily be reversed, unlike a vasectomy.
  2. It's passed clinical trials and is ready for human use.

Women Won't Have to Worry about Birth Control Pills

One big benefit we haven't covered is what Vasalgel means for female partners.

Women often take birth control pills to prevent pregnancy. And while these pills are effective, the problem is that they must be taken every day. If a woman forgets just one day, her chances of pregnancy increase greatly after intercourse.

Of course, ladies have other options too like an intrauterine (IUD) or implant devices. But these aren't always effective for women due to hormones or unpredictable effects on menstruation.

A study from the New England Journal of Medicine shows that almost 5% of women using birth control pills, IUDs, or implant devices end up getting pregnant (1).

Many women will appreciate that their man can get a simple procedure to help out in the birth-control department. They won't have to worry about the guy forgetting his birth control, and the feeling will be much better than with condoms.

Will Condoms Become Far Less Popular?

So far, we've covered points that'll make Vasalgel very popular, including its effectiveness, superiority to alternatives, and helping women with birth control.

Will this popularity cause condom sales to plummet?

Certainly not. After all, condoms didn't disappear when women began taking birth control pills or using intrauterine contraceptives. What's more is that condoms play a major role in preventing STDs.

But the problem is that condoms aren't perfect at preventing pregnancy. In fact, people still have a 2% chance of getting pregnant even when consistently using a condom (2).

This means that some guys who'd normally reach for condoms may be highly interested in Vasalgel. Of course, there'll still be a large crowd who'd rather order a box of condoms online, than go to the doctor and get a polymer injected in their vas deferens.

Final Thoughts on Vasalgel

The great thing about Vasalgel is that it'll work for years once you receive the injection. This means no more having to buy condoms, or your partner taking birth control pills every day. And with FDA approval, Vasalgel isn't a hope it's going to be a reality!

In 1-3 years, you should be able to get a polymer birth-control injection from your doctor. And if you ever change your mind, the doctor can reverse the Vasalgel process with another simple injection.

Assuming you go this route and want to have kids again, remember that high testosterone is key to strong libido. In turn, you won't be able to keep your hands off your lady, and conceiving a child will be much easier.

Of course, high testosterone is also good for Vasalgel users too because you can sleep with your partner as much as you'd like without worrying about conceiving.

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