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New Research: Testosterone as effective as gastric bypass for weight loss

I just read an interesting new article on... "Testosterone as effective as gastric bypass for weight loss." In a study lasting over 11 years, researchers found that a single shot of testosterone administered once every three months can enable you to lose 20% of your body weight. The men who got the testosterone in the study lost on average, 23 kgs or about 50 lbs of fat. In addition, they lost over 5-inches around their waist and experienced many other health benefits.

Below is a link to the full article. Many men who take supplemental testosterone, also use Test Stack No.17 at the same time since it prevents suppression of your natural test production that you would experience without it.

But for now, here's the link to read more about testosterone as a possible alternative to weight loss surgery. Or just click the picture of my client here who transformed his body using a quarterly testosterone injection and daily Test Stack No,17.

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