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Video: Overweight Man Robbed and humiliated Gets Revenge!

Find out if Ken succeeded or once again loses his pride, dignity, and girl in this video below:

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Dr. Field Farrar
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Did you know high testosterone levels strongly correlates to more strength, courage financial security, drive, ambition, and muscle mass?

This animated video is a real story of an average guy who gets humiliated in front of his girlfriend by getting beat up and robbed, eventually losing her. Feeling pathetic about not being able to defend his woman let alone himself. Ken decided finally to take advantage of his life and masculinity, he began MMA training, eating right, lost the fat and most importantly increased his testosterone level by taking Test Stack No.17. 

The result, Ken was more confident, strong and won the heart of his smoking hot girlfriend, Sofia. The next time Ken was put in front of another situation where he needed to defend himself and his lady he immediately jumped into action with any hesitation.

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I want what we all want - higher levels of testosterone and all the benefits that come from it!

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Dr. Field Farrar
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