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[Quarantine Edition] How to cut your own hair

I've been on a hair holiday since the crazy began, and I cannot wait any longer. I'm fortunate that my hair grows quickly, I attribute this to having low levels of DHT dihydrotestosterone (the bad kind of T). My No.17 test booster is responsible for my low DHT and helping me maintain my full head of hair, but now I've got to figure out if I dare try and cut it myself!

Below are three videos that show you how to cut your own hair.


After watching dozens, I found these top three men's haircut how-to videos

Dads, How to cut your own hair.

This is a tutorial on how to cut hair at home using clippers –no scissors involved. It's no BS approach, and the dude reminds his wife how much money he's saved the family cutting his own hair. 40 Years X $50 per month for haircuts = $24,000


In this more detailed video, this guy shows you how to cut your hair wet using a clipper on the sides and scissors on the top. It comes out nice!

How To Cut/Fade Your Own Hair The BEST Self-Haircut Tutorial 2020

Finally, this video teaches you how to fade all the way to the scalp – taking things really short! If that's the look you're going for, this is the do-it-yourself video to turn to with over 4 million views. This guy looks most like a professional stylist who's teaching at home hair cuts than the first two. Makes for a nice result, but a bit more involved.


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