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Everything You Need to Know about Recomp Training

From the desk of...
Dr. Field Farrar
Founder of TestStackRx.com & Anorectant.com

It is very important to have your diet nailed down before you can achieve recomposition – building a leaner and much more–muscular body. But while your diet is crucial‚ you also need to work hard in the gym on your recomp cycle to amass the granite slabs of rock–solid muscle that will make guys think you must be juicing.

So what exactly should you do when working out to build muscle and burn fat simultaneously? Today‚ you and I will answer this by covering recomp weight training‚ cardio‚ and other considerations that’ll help you obtain those granite slabs of muscle and become that lean‚ muscular anatomy chart!

Recomp Weight Training: Increase Your Training Density


If you’re merely trying to burn body fat‚ you could keep your weight and reps the same while relying on cardio to cut. But during a recomp‚ you need to do better than just maintaining strength – you also need to increase your training density.

You can boost your training density in one of two ways:

  1. Add more reps/sets to the same amount of workout time.
  2. Perform the same reps/sets in less workout time.

The idea is to improve your work capacity‚ or the amount of work/lifting that you can do within any given timeframe. As your work capacity improves‚ your strength‚ endurance‚ and rate of muscle hypertrophy or growth will increase.

The result is that you’ll have a much easier time packing on muscle during your recomposition.

This sounds extremely simple in theory because you can just do more reps/sets in the same amount of time‚ or do your workout faster to improve your strength endurance and build muscle.

Here are a few considerations that you want to think about first‚ including the following:

#1: Spread Out Your Workout Intensity

When you lift for strength and muscle‚ you typically do your heaviest compound exercises at full intensity‚ then do isolation and cable work after this. But when you’re trying to increase workout density‚ go for reps and weight that conserve enough energy for the entire workout – not just the first few exercises.


#2: Increase Weight when Necessary

The goal of boosting workout density is to do more reps/sets with the same weight in a given timeframe. But when you’re hitting 16 reps in a set‚ as opposed to the 10 you started with‚ it’s time to increase the weight.

#3: Don’t Target the Same Muscle Groups Back to Back

You’ll be moving quickly in these workouts‚ so don’t do barbell bench‚ then immediately do incline bench afterward. Instead‚ target another muscle group after barbell bench to give yourself some rest before incline bench.

#4: Lift only 3 to 4 Times Per Week

Just because you’re trying to gain muscle doesn’t mean you need to hit the gym 5–6 times a week. With caloric restrictions on your off–days‚ you can accomplish your dual goal of burning fat and building muscle with just 3 to 4 weight workouts a week.

#5: Don’t Sacrifice Form to Squeeze Out More Reps

We all know that it’s not good to cheat on reps just to push up more weight. The same thing applies here: don’t throw your back into dumbbell curls at the end just to get 1 or 2 more reps. Let the improvement come naturally.

Sample Recomp Workout

While there’s more than one way to do a recomp workout‚ one of the most popular involves doing four different exercises and pairing two off into A and B splits.


For example: you’d alternate between barbell curls and triceps pushdowns for 15 minutes (Split A)‚ take a rest‚ then finish your workout with hammer curls and triceps extensions for another 15 minutes (Split B).

Here’s a sample recomp weight training workout based on this principle:

Split A (15 Minutes) – 4 sets of 8–10 reps on barbell bench. Then 4 sets of 12–15 reps on one–arm dumbbell rows. Increase reps and sets over time.

5–Minute Rest

Split B (15 Minutes) – 4 sets of 10–12 reps on incline dumbbell bench. Then 4 sets of 15 reps on seated rows. Increase reps and sets over time.

You can follow the same system for your other workouts. I recommend training on Monday‚ Tuesday‚ Thursday and Friday.

Recomp Cardio: Adjust‚ Adjust‚ Adjust

Cardio is one of the most–important tools we have when trying to lose a considerable amount of weight. But as I’ve stressed before‚ recomping isn’t just about burning fat‚ so you don’t want to overdo the cardio.


Some guys don’t do any cardio at all when recomping‚ instead relying solely on weight training. This is their choice‚ but it all depends on you as an individual‚ how lean you are to start‚ and your metabolism.

As I mentioned in the dieting post‚ you may have to recalibrate based on your muscle–gain and fat–loss results. If you’re only gaining muscle and not losing body fat‚ you’ll need to up the cardio.

Here are some considerations when you’re doing cardio:

Try HIIT (High–Intensity Interval Training) 1–2 Times – HIIT workouts are great for challenging yourself and burning calories. 50–yard and 100–yard sprints are a popular way to do HIIT. But you can also do this in the gym through kettlebells‚ treadmill‚ and plyometrics‚ which are exercises in which muscles exert maximum force in short intervals of time.

Do What Works – The best workout strategy is one that you can stick to. Walking‚ jogging‚ swim‚ weight training‚ and anything else that gets you moving will work. Find a hilly trail for jogging‚ or take your dog on a brisk walk to get both of you some exercise.

Drink Water – Anorectant No.10 speeds up your metabolism and raises your body temperature. So make sure that you stay hydrated by drinking at least 1 gallon of water‚ per 200 pounds of body weight each day.

Your Final Piece of the Puzzle

When we began our discussion on recomposition‚ I said that even with a proper diet and training regimen‚ building muscle and cutting weight simultaneously is a difficult pursuit.

This is why you can use Anorectant No.10 and Test Stack No.17 to achieve recomposition far quicker than you would naturally.

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