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Rejected at Nightclubs, Overweight Chris Changes His Life with Test Stack 17

Watch how Chris Became the Club Stud and Turned His Life Around:

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Dr. Field Farrar
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How Overweight Chris went from Nightclub Loser to Enviable Stud

My favorite thing about Test Stack RX is hearing success stories from our customers. And one of the biggest successes that we’ve ever had is Chris, who transformed himself from an overweight virgin into a ripped stud.

Chris emailed me his story, and I couldn’t believe how much lifting, eating right, and using Test Stack No. 17 changed his life around.

Shy and overweight in high school, Chris says that he went to college a virgin.

Earning a college diploma with honors, his academic success unfortunately failed to translate to the ladies, and Chris again graduated a virgin.

Approaching his mid-20s and wanting to finally get laid, he began hitting the nightclub scene…

Chris Gets Used by Plump Peggy for Drinks

Chris writes that he wasn’t much better with the ladies in nightclubs. And what’s really bad is that he needed several drinks just to build up the courage to talk to a woman.

But one night, Chris thought that his fortunes might change when he saw his co-worker, Peggy, at the bar. Peggy was a little overweight – Chris describes her as “Plump Peggy” – and he thought that he really had a chance with her.

Sadly, all Peggy wanted was free drinks, leaving to join her girlfriends after Chris bought her two sangrias.

Dejected and humiliated, Chris finally decided to make a major change in his life…

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Chris began taking Test Stack No.17, starting hitting the gym and managed to score one of the hottest women he'd ever seen. Watch the video above to learn how Chris turned his life around.

If you have any questions or concerns whatsoever about your testosterone levels in general or about taking Test Stack 17 in particular, please do not hesitate to call me personally at (888) 852-8091 or you can reach me by email at support@teststackrx.com.

I want what we all want - higher levels of testosterone and all the benefits that come from it!

Best regards,

Dr. Field Farrar
TestStackRx.com & Anorectant.com

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