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Test Stack Results (Lab Work Included)

Watch Test Stack Customer Give His Review of Test Stack No.17 with Blood Work Included

Andrew, 38 years old, explores his results after taking Test Stack No.17.

After getting blood work done by his doctor, before and after usage, Andrew proves that Test Stack really does work.

Through his blood work results, we see his body fat go from 20.7% down to 16.5%, losing 9 pounds of fat and gaining 11 pounds of muscle.

Testosterone Results

Before beginning his Test Stack cycle, Andrew's Total Testosterone level was 341 (from a range of 250-1100 ng/dL), and his Free Testosterone read at 77.7 (range from 35-155 pg/mL).  Based on the range points you can see how LOW these numbers are.

Now looking at his results after using Test Stack for a few months, Andrew's Total Testosterone read at 1112 ng/dL, and his Free Testosterone read at 302 pg/mL, both read way above the high point on range chart.

Andrew's Final Thoughts on Test Stack No.17

As he states in the video, Andrew felt leaner, found it easier to put on lean mass, increase his energy, and felt overall more revitalized.

Try Test Stack No.17 for yourself and experience the Extreme Surge in Testosterone, better mental capacity, more focus, drive, and an insane sex drive.

If you have any questions or concerns whatsoever about your testosterone levels, burning fat or about taking Test Stack 17 or Anorectant No.10 in particular‚ please do not hesitate to call me personally at (888) 852–8091 or you can reach me by email at support@teststackrx.com.

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