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Sugar more addicting than cocaine

How Sugar is Killing You

Learn why sugar is deadly and how controlling your sweet cravings will get you the muscular body you want fast!

We hear it all the time, "sugar is the enemy," and if you want a lean, chiseled physique, you must do everything in our power to avoid it. After all, sugar floods your body with empty calories that damage your health and make you fat.

While sugar makes food and drinks taste sweeter, consuming excessive amounts of it comes with severe costs. And the worst part... The food and beverage industry adds sugar to almost ALL foods and drinks. From tomato sauce to peanut butter, added sugar can be found in most of the foods you eat. Since many of us don't know how to read food labels or can't identify the different terms used to disguise sugar (and it's many forms), we blindly consume it without even knowing it.

In the US alone, the average American consumes 73 lbs. of sugar annually, and that number continues to increase year after year. No wonder most Americans are fat.

But you don't have to fall victim to the sugar epidemic any longer.

Today we'll discuss why sugar is so dangerous and the ways to limit or even eliminate it from your diet.

Why is sugar so dangerous?

Thousands of studies performed by doctors and scientists alike, directly link excess consumption of sugar in your diet to; increases in bad cholesterol levels (LDL), decreases in good cholesterol levels (HDL), obesity, tooth decay, cancer, high blood pressure, weight gain, diabetes, and to America's #1 killer, heart disease. And that's to name a few.

What is sugar?

Sugar is a simple carb that can be found in or added to foods and beverages to give it a "sweet" taste. Let's think of sugar in two ways, 1) free sugar, which is natural sugars found in plants and fruits, and 2) double sugars that are "added" to foods and drinks.

Consuming too much of any form of sugar will negatively affect your health and will make you fat, and unattractive.

So why can't you stay away or entirely cut sugar out of your diet?

Many say that there is such a thing as being addicted to sugar. But studies haven't been able to link "sugar addiction" to any real disorder. However, it is proven that consuming a piece of chocolate cake (filled with added sugar) can light up parts of the brain that generate feelings of happiness.

And while this temporary happiness feels good, the problem is your body can't metabolize sugar fast enough before it turns into fat or binds to the fat cells we already have. And consuming sugar in excess only increases your chances of developing fat. Fat that can also be found in your blood cells, which will block circulation, increase your blood pressure, and cause fatal diseases.

So yeah, sugar can kill you!

Now, I know it's ridiculous to think a piece of chocolate cake will kill you, and I'm certainly not saying that. But the keyword here is consuming sugar in "excess." A cookie once a week is certainly not going to give you diabetes (if you don't already have it) or put on 5 pounds of fat.

But, if you're eating and drinking sugar "excessively," you're flooding your body with empty calories that provide you NO nutrition or fuel. Instead, those empty calories sit in your body and create fat pockets that get increasingly harder to burn off as you age.

Rather than going cold turkey (if you can, more power to you), your focus should be on consuming sugar in moderation and or opting for natural foods that contain simple sugars.

Here are some ways to limit your sugar intake:

1. Cut back on sugar-filled beverages like sodas, energy drinks, and even fruit juices like OJ.

2. Eat more whole foods. Food that has not been processed or refined.

3. Watch what you eat for breakfast. Most American's don't realize that breakfast is our most sugar-filled meal of the entire day. So, cut back on sugar-filled breakfasts like granola bars, cereal, and sweet smoothies.

If you're one of the millions of Americans who lack self-control and you need help staying away from sweets and fighting off sugar cravings. My pre-workout, appetite suppressant, and thermogenic fat-burner, No.10, is what you need to battle your sugar addiction.

No.10 is the potent fat burner designed to melt away stubborn fat pockets, increase energy, and battle your sweet tooth cravings.


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