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Anorectant No.10

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Anorectant No.10 is a new combination drug/nutraceutical - based thermogenic fat burner, unsurpassed in its ability to help athletes burn body fat, from Test Stack Rx. The ingredients are rare and difficult to work with, but when combined, it's like throwing gasoline on your fat burning furnace. Once you decide to become a fat-melting machine get ready to experience....

* Drastically speed up your Metabolism
* Vascularity and lean muscle definition
* Control over your Appetite
* Vascularity and lean muscle definition
* Blast Difficult Fat Pockets
* Recover from Workouts Faster
* Less Anxiety
* Lower Blood Pressure
* More Alert and Awake
* Huge Surge in Your Energy Level
* Powerful Increase in Mind-set and Assertiveness
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